Top Brass Conventional Table Grapes

Top Brass Table Grapes

Sold under the well-respected Top Brass brand, table grapes grown by Vignolo Farms are known for their high quality. We hand pick, pack, and cool our table grapes to 34 degrees before shipping. Consumer demand for table grapes continues to build. According to the California Table Grape Commission, production of grapes from the Golden State is close to 100 million boxes.

A shopper favorite the whole family loves, grapes are not only delicious—they’re nutritious too. Table grapes are a natural source of polyphenols, more commonly known as antioxidants, which may contribute to a healthy heart and help defend against a variety of age-related and other illnesses. For more on the health benefits of grapes, check out this link.


Our Varieties

Top Brass offers the following selection of table grapes:

Green Seedless
Sugraone: Large, green, oval-elongated, seedless berries
Thompson: Medium to large, green, cylindrical, seedless berries
Princess: Large, green, cylindrical, seedless berries
Autumn King
Autumn King: Very large, green, cylindrical to oval, seedless berries
Luisco: Large, green, oval, seedless berries
Red Seedless
Flame: Medium to large, red, round to slightly oval, seedlless berries
Timco: Large, red, oval, seedless berries
Sweet Scarlet
Sweet Scarlet: Medium to large, red, round to slightly oval, seedlless berries
Scarlet Royal
Scarlet Royal: Large, red, oval, seedless berries
Crimson: Medium-sized, red, cylindrical, seedless berries
Red Seeded
Red Globe
Red Globe: Very large, red, round, seeded berries
Black Seedless
Summer Royal
Summer Royal: Medium-sized, blueblack, round to slightly oval, seedless berries
Autumn Royal
Autumn Royal: Large, blue-black,oval-elongated, seedless berries
Black Seeded
Black Ivory
Black Ivory: Jet black color, crunchy texture with naturally high sugar and low acidity.  Large size berries and with seeds


Export Information

Our premium Autumn Royal, Red Globe and Scarlet Royal table grapes are available for export by customer request. They are exclusively sold under a special Top Brass export label that uses red, the lucky color in China. If you would like more information about exporting, please contact us.

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