As family farmers, we believe in responsible care of the land we cultivate to grow premium produce. The Top Brass team combines a multitude of efforts to run our operation as stewards of the land and environment. We know the efforts we make today support the generations of tomorrow.

Solar Energy
  • We have installed a four acre solar energy facility adjacent to our cooler that supplies over half of our total cooler energy needs was completed in mid 2014.
  • This solar facility will substantially reduce our carbon footprint, and put us well on the way to energy independence.
  • The materials we need for growing grapes and potatoes are chosen and used carefully to ensure minimum waste.
  • We recycle our vineyard plastic, irrigation hose, grape staples, and other harvest supplies like boxes and packaging containers.
  • In addition to recycling in the field, we ensure that materials in our offices are recycled.
  • The grape bags and cartons we ship are also recyclable.
Drip Irrigation
  • Vignolo Farms implements drip irrigation to preserve one of our planet’s most precious resources: water.
  • This process reduces evaporation and allows us to apply less fertilizer and other treatments due to the targeted use of water.
  • We also bury sections of the irrigation lines to penetrate the roots and prevent loss of moisture.
Compost & Crop Covers
  • After pruning, we put the shavings back into the soil as compost—enriching the soil and eliminating waste.
  • We cover our crops to naturally cool and heat plants and vines with humidity. It also helps protect from wind erosion and pests while keeping important nutrients in the soil.
Organic Growing
  • We use progressive growing techniques for our organic varieties of grapes and potatoes.
  • CCOF certified, our crops use native predators including ladybugs and lacewings as natural pest management practices.
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