Top Brass Conventional Table Grapes

Top Brass Organic Table Grapes

In addition to our other varieties, Vignolo Farms grows organic table grapes to provide our customers, and end consumers, a complete supply. As with our other varieties, our organic table grapes are hand picked, packed, and cooled to 34 degrees before shipping.

Our organic table grapes are CCOF certified and sustainably grown on our family farms. Farmed without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, bioengineering (GMOs) or ionizing radiation, our organic crops are monitored daily by our talented team of growers. We also participate in yearly third-party audits to meet the strict guidelines of CCOF. Top Brass Marketing is proud to be a trusted organic choice.


Our Varieties

Top Brass offers the following selection of organic table grapes:

Organic Green Seedless
Sugraone: Large, green, oval-elongated, seedless berries
Thompson: Medium to large, green, cylindrical, seedless berries
Luisco: Large, green, oval, seedless berries
Organic Red Seedless
Flame: Medium to large, red, round to slightly oval, seedlless berries
Scarlet Royal
Scarlet Royal: Medium-sized, blueblack, round to slightly oval, seedless berries
Crimson: Medium-sized, red, cylindrical, seedless berries


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